Series Timer Recordings Failing.


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I've had Panasonic recorder DMR-hwt250eb since March. It performs well though, as an aside, there are useful facilities which were on previous recorders which have been dropped from this model.

My issue revolves around recording series - mostly if not exclusively my wife's programmes. :( For example Songs of Praise and Our Yorkshire Farm. For some reason or another these timed programmes occasionally fail to record. They then appear on the timer list as "no data", and when we spot that a recording has been missed, I have to reset the timer.

It has happened quite frequently, but I've not been able to establish a pattern, for example to be able to say if it's particular programmes and/or particular channels.

It never happened with the DVD that this one replaced and it doesn't happen with an older Panasonic that I still use.

Anyone encountered this or can give any guidance, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks for any help.


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I have a DMR150EB,250EB,850EB and a 780BW,recently have had failed series links on some of them,I suspect a broadcasting or EPG issue of some sort.

Interestingly enough Our Yorkshire Farm is the main offender,makes no difference if it's set to record on a Tuesday or Saturday showing,it been like that for a few weeks now.

I've just reverted to manually recording that to ensure it's recorded somewhere on something,pretty sure it's a Channel 5HD problem mainly off the top of my head,though not restricted to that in your case.
Dont know where your located,I'm in STV Glasgow area,might be a localised thing,might not be.

Strangely enough my unit of choice remains the now ancient 780BW,not so keen on the later units really,the 850EB especially being a huge steaming P.O.S in comparison to the 780.
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Thank you. Seems odd that this problem seems to be so isolated. I'm in Yorkshire. At least I'm not alone. My wife tends to put such things down to my advancing senility.

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