Series S won't power up


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I've had my Series S less than a month, it was working fine earlier today but now it refuses to power on.

Press the controller button, everything lights up, the Xbox makes the right noise, the logo on the front lights up, yet nothing is displayed.

Left for ages and nothing happens. I have cycled the power, tried a different HDMI cable and port with no joy.
Powered off and unplugged for 10 minutes.

When it is on, if I hold the Xbox button down, I feel it vibrate as if it's pulled up the menu, I press up and then A, to shutdown, the Xbox light flashes but never shuts off.

It's very odd.

To rule everything out, there is nothing extra plugged into the console and I've tried using the power button on the front.

Any other suggestions, or is it a Microsoft warranty problem (typically as I now have 4 days off)


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Sounds like you've tried pretty much everything. Have you tried another TV if possible?

On the Xbox One, there was a method for performing a factory reset by holding a certain combination of buttons on startup. Might be worth checking to see if something similar is possible with the Series S in case it's stuck in some weird loop.

Seems to apply to X/S as, well



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had that happen to my series x i held down the power button to turn it off then turned it back on again. and everything was ok i think its because its was doing a firmware update


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I started the warranty process last night, took me until about 1am to finally get it to work, as I kept getting various errors on the MS website.

Left it unplugged and went to bed, out of curiosity, I tried this morning and it powered up. Went to "my games and apps" to see if everything was still installed and Forza 4 was in the update queue with an "installation stopped" message

I remember last night, that Forza 4 was listed as having issues on the Microsoft support site, so maybe that game was causing a problem as it was trying to update???

All seems to be working now anyway

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