Series Links Dropping Out of Planner


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Has anyone else had problems with "Series Link" programmes dropping out of their planner for future recording ?

It's happened with "Saxondale" after 3 episodes, "Deadwood" after 5 episodes and "Lost" after many episodes. Luckily I noticed that the "Deadwood" and "Lost" series links had gone walkies and put them back in.

It doesn't inspire confidence though.


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I lost all my planned recordings except the manual ones last night and the three that had just finished had got corrupted and had moved to around 1am! :eek:

I tried rebooting the box and it died, refusing to output any sort of video/audio from any socket. You could bring it out of standby (red to green light) but from there it did nothing and couldn't be put back into standby.

After a couple of hours and trying everything I could think of (forced firmware, disconnect power etc, including sitting thru a load of things sky asked me to try) I gave up and unplugged it.

I found a tip on forcing a reformat and was tempted to try that rather then wait six days for an engineer to come along and swap the box, but on plugging it back in it came to life! :confused:

I promptly deleted the failed/corrupt recording, re-entered the dozen planned ones and did a planner rebuild.

Touch wood, it'll still be alive when I get home late tonight and have managed to record something, probably going to archive off the keep stuff tomorrow just in case and if it survives the weekend I'll cancel the engineer. :rolleyes:


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I too have had problems with the planner corrupting... I just don't trust the :censored: thing any more and have started using my Pionneer Freview HDD to record in case the HD box screws up. Only problem is that it won't record Sky1 and I lost the 4400 and Eureka last week while I was on holiday.

I now regret being an early Sky HD adopted. It is a pile of pants and sure aint worth the £300 plus £10 per month for so few channels and deteriorating PQ. Sky must have seen this sucker coming! :suicide:

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