Series 1 sky+ power issue




I have a series 1 pace sky+ box (upgraded hard drvie when I first bought it) . All been working fine until this morning.

This morning the box is stuck on standby no matter whay I do.

I have tried the following:

1. Forced update (power+backup) - all lights light - screen shows usual update screen - update finishes - still stuck in standby.

2. Try no hard drive - only get standby

3. Different Hard drive (tried 3) - only get standby.

4. Factory Reset (left/right for 30+ secs on power up until play indicator lights, then select) - problem here is that no matter how long I hold the buttons (tries upto 2 mins) no lights light up except for standby.

So, system update works and outputs to display, so guess video circuits ok - fans works when updating, hard drive spins on boot - but no matter what I do, all i get is the little red standby light.

Can anyone give any help?




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My, unmodified, v1 box got stuck in standby and I tried everything to sort it out with no luck. Eventually got a replacement, v2 box, from Sky.



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Sounds like a software problem to me, and therefore Sky's fault.
I'll bet hundreds of people have paid for a new box when their old one isn't faulty, yet sky will always blame hardware and then expect you to pay to repare/replace it.

The problem is proving it. Not all V1 boxes are the same, and I wonder if anyone else has suddenly encountered this problem.

Not much help I know, but maybe you shouldn't be too hasty in replacing your box. I don't trust sky.

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