Serg plans to cycle 100 miles for Royal Marsden

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by sergiup, Jul 1, 2015.

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    Hi folks,
    At the risk of inducing charity overload, I'm posting about yet another charity thing.

    Last year I signed up for the Prudential 100 ride; I was lucky enough to get a place, and since it was done individually by myself there's no requirement to raise a minimum amount or anything else. I had no specific charity in mind initially, but through the last few months on AVF I decided that raising something for one of the cancer charities would be a noble cause.

    You might've seen the recent thread about Harry, and you might've encountered the fair few cases of other cancers that have been mentioned even only on AVF - like I have. I've chosen the Royal Marsden because I believe it's a widely impacting cause, regardless of how you may (or may not be?) be affected.

    So, if you feel kind enough to throw a couple of pints' worth, or more, or less their way, I'm sure they would appreciate any of it.

    As for my ride.. well the training seems to be going well enough, it'll be by far the longest single ride I've even done (longest until now would be one of the London - Paris stages from a few years ago, so just under 100km), and I'm not even rocking a road bike for it - it's a hybrid... For the inner geek, I'm looking at a way to be tracked live during the ride, to at least give it a bit of a techy edge. Maybe even occasional photos on Twitter!

    Thank you for any and all support!

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