Seraphim Falls - Brosnan and Neeson


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Seraphim Falls:

.... at the final furlong.

I love the landscape that Seraphim Falls opens with, snow covered mountains, beautiful country, so I already liked this movie for no other reason. It is an ambition of mine, since passing through it on a slow moving train, to walk through a wintery Rockies with a loaded mule or horse. Falls opens in just such country and Pierce Brosnan is the befurr'd mountain man/trapper cooking game over an open fire. There our respective paths would part ways as Brosnan is shot and persued by a posse led by an avenging Liam Neeson. What is he avenging? Well that doesn't become absolutely clear until the final fifth of the movie and that, unfortunately is the movies weak spot.

From Brosnan seated at the camp fire to last twenty minutes we get a pretty honest to goodness Western. One of those modern westerns that Clint Eastwood made a staple of and there's nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have been enough for the director/producer/whomever as things take an unnecessary turn throuh the last twenty minutes.

Trying to raise the film above and beyond itself the film loses its way and we are left with an unsatifactory ending. Sometimes a film zigs left when it should have zagged right and this is one of those occasions. Enjoy the first hour and a half and forgive them the trespass of the last twenty minutes.

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Never heard a thing about this movie until I seen it in the News Of The World :blush:last week.

I hardly had to read a thing about it and I wanted to see it. A Western, Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan.

Sorry to hear that it fails to deliver at the end, but I'll still have to see it as movies like this are few and far between.

So, I only find out about it last week, and then I find out that it was released on Region 1 last May.:eek:

Well at least I don't have to wait for the R2:D

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Seen a few trailers for that and there's just something about it that I don't like.

I hope I'm soooooo wrong.


Digging an old thread up but the only one I can see on the film.

Ive just watched it and give it a 6.5/10

The plots and old one about someone being chased but was better done miles better in Outlaw Jose Wales.

There very little characterization and you never know why there being chase till near the end of the film.

The best parts of the films ironically are its weakest. The is there too much time show people just riding along or staggering along but in them scene is some truly magnificent scenery and shots.

The way things happened near the end I thought there was going to be some twist SPOILER
how the hell did the old medicine man know about each of the main characters. And how did the snake oil seller manage to sneak up on them when it was flat for miles. I was half expecting her to be the devil and the pair of there were re living something for there

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Yeah, watched this a couple of years ago and was quite disapointed. Ending was pretty naff if you ask me!

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