Serano 1050 stand.



Has anyone got one or know where I can find any more info from?
Seen then in my local Currys and they have them on a bit of an offer but reluctant to buy one without knowing more details and I don't trust the product knowledge of the folks in the shop :oops:
This is it here



i was looking at this stand in currys.. but with clear glass.

until i spotted

alphason ad3/105 silver going for £99.97 each discontinued stands.

so i snapped a couple of them up

says it can hold a 50" plazma tv...

i checked 1 up on the web. to find out the 50" tv weight was 113lbs.

so if it can take that much. it should be ok...

though this one ur looking at is slightly smaller in length i think.
and can take a 42" plazma...

but still a nice stand.....
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