Seperate Dolby 5.1 decoder


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Can anyone recommend a separate Dolby 5.1 decoder (digital in, low level audio signals out) that is less than £100?
I don't want a full receiver, as I want to feed in from my DVD and Sky+ but then feed it into my existing stereo for the main (L+R) speakers plus some active speakers for the centre/rear.:cool:


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I use a Denon AVD2000 in my main system now with Rotel power amps. They come up on ebay every so often and you dhould be able to get one for £100. There was a similar model from Pioneer in the classifieds here (don't know if it's still there) and there's also a couple of models from Sony. Have a look at the reviews using the AV resources at the top of the screen.

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Sony do a stunning one as well (£75 to 100) secondhand, class act but can only deal with digital signals, still highly competitive now. Was flagship stuff at £600, the circuit board is a work of art :)

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There was a Pioneer one for sale in the sales section recently. Do a search as it may still be available.


Technics ones doing the rounds are pretty good and i'm pretty sure they are DTS soon.

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