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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by doctorjuggles, Nov 10, 2004.

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    First up, let me know if the amplifier section of this thread is best asked in the Amps & Receivers forum. I don't want to cross post and figured most of the Amps crowd would be the same people answering questions in here anyway, but if I'm wrong on that, I'll stick a thread in the A&R forum too.

    Okay, here's the situation that I'm in. As a new convert to the A/V religion, I've got the buying bug but I'm not 100% sure of what I'm buying. There are a few doubts and questions to be answered. Anyway, I'm looking at speakers and a/v receivers at the moment, which I'll be buying at the same time, I should think.

    First up, the a/v receiver. Being new at this, I'm looking at the upper end of the entry level models, and at the moment my choice is between the Denon 1905, the Pioneer 814 and the Yamaha RXV650. Are there any other receivers I should be looking at? There are cheaper receivers around, but I know myself too well, and if I bought a £150 receiver I'd just wish I'd bought a more expensive one a few months later. Are any of these receivers likely to leave me with that feeling?
    Any advice in this regard will be much appreciated.

    The second point to my question is concerning the speakers. It's fairly basic, I'd just like to know if buying speakers separately to create surround sound is better than buying the packages with all 5.1/6.1/7.1 speakers included. While it may sound like a silly question (my guess would be separates are better) there must be an argument for the fact that packages are specifically made to sound good as a group, whereas buying separates might create problems with the sound.

    Any recommendations to this regard are welcome. At the moment I'm looking at getting the Celestion AVP305 with a pair of glass Celestion 302s as floorstanders. Looks are important to a degree (silver and light wood are what I'm after) but not the be all and end all. Any thoughts on the stuff I'm looking at, and any thoughts on something better? My price range is around £320 for the amp and a total of around £500 for the speakers, but I never rule out spending a little extra to get what I really want (within reason, obviously)

    Thanks everyone in advance for any advice.

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