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    I have just bought a Sony STR-DE685 AV Amp and Toshiba SD220 DVD player which I would like to link up to each other and the existing videos, NTL digital and TV that i've got but would like a bit of help on the best way to do it.

    The Crutchfields site at shows the connectors on the back of the amp so i'd just like to know if what I am doing is correct or the best way.

    I'm thinking of connecting the videos via a Scart to S-video and 2 RCA leads to the Video 1 and Video 2 inputs - they are fairly old and don't have RGB scarts so will this be ok?

    I think i'll have to do the same with the NTL box (its the one with the blue remote if that helps?) although this can output RGB.

    The dvd player has a component video, s-video and scart outputs so would I be best off connecting it with component video and then rca's for the sound?

    And finally, the TV is about 5 years old - a JVC 29" pro logic number which only has two scarts so would I need a scart to s-video lead for this?

    Thanks very much for any help, i'm relatively inexperienced with separates so and advice would be appreciated (although please don't tell me i should have bought a different amp/dvd as i've already ordered them now!).


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    It always rains.
    After selecting bitstream from the Tosh set up menu, connect to your sony via a coax/optical connector.
    As for the video side of things, provided your JVC can accept the component signal ( i doubt it can) use it,if it can't use an RGB scart. :)

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