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Ian Morphecus

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I have just upgraded my record deck on a very simple Hi-Fi set-up, which comprises of a Denon mini system (Amp CD receiver combo & tape deck) with the record deck set through the 'MD' function.
My old turntable worked fine and I have just plugged in a new Rega RP1 and thought it would be a straight 'plug & play' swap... however, I can hear the music coming thro as if in the background but it is not correct and is almost like something is not plugged in correctly. I just wondered if I may have set something incorrectly or whether there would actually be a compatibility issue between the old amp and the deck?

I know ultimately I should just purchase a full system of separates but this is not an option at the moment!
I would appreciate any advice before I return the new deck saying that it doesn't work!

my naim is

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Is the music too quiet? If so, it sounds like you are missing a phono stage. The output from turntables is much quieter than with other sources like CD. Does your Denon have a phono stage built in? Perhaps your old turntable did, whereas the Rega RP1 does not?

You will likely need a seperate phono pre-amp, Rega make several models as do other manufacturers.

Ian Morphecus

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Thanks for info - I am slightly lacking in Hi Fi knowledge but that kind of makes sense...
Yeah, the output is quiet, almost like what you might hear if the headphones were plugged in but not wrapped around your head!
I will investigate further on what you've said...
Thanks you for responding

Actually - I have just checked and my old deck does have a built in pre-amp...
Do I need one of these because I am plugging into a mini system or will I need one even if I have a stand alone amp?
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my naim is

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Depends on the standalone amp. Some have a phono stage built in, some do not. Typically a mini system would not. The rear of the amp will have an input labelled "phono" if it does.

Ian Morphecus

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I have just read up on the subject, based on your info and I think you are spot on - I either need a pre-amp (looked on What HiFi and seems best budget is around 50 pounds) or I buy a stand alone new amp with built in phono - just means I need to look at buying speakers and CD deck etc and then stands and then... and then...!

Thank you for your advice, it has helped me focus on what I needed to look for, saved me time & spared my blushes at the shop... need a chat with the boss at home to discuss my budget I reckon but I'm sure she will encourage me rather than stifle... Thanks again... Merry New Year to you


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Thanks for posting the video. Loved it!

There are two types of cartridge: moving magnet(MM) and moving coil(MC) and in my (fairly limited) experience, the phono input stage on an amp is sometimes labelled either MM or MC depending upon which cartridge it supports. Good amps like the AuidoLab 8000a will support both. You need to make sure that the phono stage you purchase supports Moving Magnet (MM) as this is the type of Cartridge used by the RP1.

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