Separates - Accepted stacking Order?



Hello All -

I have a question -

Is there an accepted order for stacking Hi Fi Separates?

Is one way better than another?

For example - Should a tape deck be stacked ontop of an Amp or Vice Versa?


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well, the amp is probably the heaviest of all, so put that at the bottom, then stack the rest in pretty much any order.


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do check that your amp, which may get quite hot, has sufficient ventilation. Best to use a rack, both for better airflow and to reduce interference from one component on another.

As temporary measure you could use 4 glass tumblers above the amp.


Thanks Guys -

mjn - you wrote - "well, the amp is probably the heaviest of all, so put that at the bottom, then stack the rest in pretty much any order".

Sounds like good old common sense speaking there.

I was thinking that the Tape Deck would be better off being on top of the Amp so as not to have that heavy weight on top of the Tape deck (my current arrangement) - which may cause the tape mechanism to not rotate as freely as it would normally due to the extra pressure caused by this weight on top of it. My other concern was what you (ditton 15) also mention in that the Amp may not be as well ventilated on the bottom although this should not really be a problem I dont think as it has plenty of Ventilation Grills on the top of it. Just thought that this would be better on the bottom though as the Tape deck on top would also provide a bit of a 'safety' cover for the grills on top of the Amp were anything to accidentelly spill onto the Amp. (With the Tape Deck being ontop it would spill onto this (which has no grills) and so not get into the AMp.
(so better all round really)

Again thanks for your opinions guys - Is there actually an accepted preffered way of stacking separates then or not (that you know of) which I was wondering about. If so what are the reasons given for this way of stacking being the best.
If not I'll just stick to the combination of personal preference and common sense.

Thanks again.


Also - thanks for the glass tumbler suggestion although I probably wont bother using the idea as there should be enough ventilation (as I've already said above). Thanks anyway though - and a good idea nonetheless.


get a stand, cheap one from argos if you have to!
Amp at top as heat will cause more problems than weight.


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Originally posted by bobbypunk
get a stand, cheap one from argos if you have to!
Amp at top as heat will cause more problems than weight.

Quite agree, amp at the top defo!


That makes it 2 - 2
(2 for the Amp at the top & 2 for at the bottom).

I take it that means that there is no accepted preffered method of stacking then.

I think I'll just stick to Common sense and personal preference then, namely in this instance - I think I'll try both alternatives and see which works best - if your not sure about something - try to find out - then if your still not sure - as is the case here - find out for yourself.

Thanks guys.

Do you guys wanna argue it amongst yourselves as to which way round is best.


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Lots of things to consider.

1. Build Quality : If you put something heavy on top of it will it crush it as flat as a pancake?

2. Heat Output : Some amps will only get moderatey warm, even at high output.

3. Where the feet are : Will something actually fit ontop of something else?

4. Cables : Try to get all cable runs as short as possible, and all mains cables tied off to one side, signal cables to another, and speakers to another.

5. Looks : well, this matters to some :)

Persoanlly I'd say amps at bottom, cause they're most likely to have strongest build quality. Then additional rubber feet (the rubber door stops you can get in DIY shops that screw into floor boards are great for this), then the rest is a matter of preference.



Thanks for your response Rich -

Definitely all factors for consideration -

I dont really have a problem with separating the two (Amp & Tape Deck) withRubber feet and / or glass tumblers as was also suggested as they both have the little feet on the bottom for that purpose.

The Amp I have is definitely a better build quality that the Tape deck (Amp is Marantz and the Tape Deck is Aiwa) and it is a bit heavier also. (Like I said in my above post - I'll try both ways and see which one works best - the best idea under the circumstances I think.
I think it is probably gonna end up on the bottom though (the Amp).

Thanks for all your help guys.


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