Separate Earthing your equipment?


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I'm guessing that the intention is that also install your own earthing rods in the garden. Certainly as it stands it's an incomplete system.

It is conceivable that you have poor convential earthing (all plastic water pipes etc).

But there is a downside (it was pointed out to me many years ago) that you may end up providing a "better" earth to all your neighbours, too. That's not a good idea at all. So only install these sort of extra earthing provisions if an electrician tells you it's essential.

Mad Mr H

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This is NOTHING what so ever to do with an earth spike.

What you have here is a Socket with easy to use earth point.

And some earth cable.

This is used for part of a "star earth system"

On your sub you should ground the chassis of the driver.

On your AV reciever you should ground the metal chassis

On your sky box I think you might have an issue as I believe that is a plastic case and so a ground is not possible to the chassis.

Hope that helps you.

The star earth system is used in many recording studios.

A number of speaker companies provide earth points for the speaker chassis.

You might want to consider earth of your main speakers as well - again to the Chassis of the drivers.

Chris Muriel

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Depends entirely on an individual's system, both its equipment, interconnections and the way his AC mains is wired.
Star grounds (American term is the norm) are used at various system levels - including on interconnected PCBs within items of equipment.
In some cases it could cure a hum loop. In others it could create one.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

Mad Mr H

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I think it is a lot of work and maybe your time is better spent on other items in your system ??? you will have to decide that.

I am currently going through doing this in my own system slowly !!!

Tannoy provide an earth terminal for their supertweeters and hi end speakers.

Power conditioning companies fit earth point for use in a star earth system.

If you are working with static components you will have an earth strap to discharge static.

Its an area that does not often get mentioned as there is little profit available in this area - BUT this earth system can be found in top recording studios.

As a general rule I would say for hi end kit you will provide a better earth point, for low end kit you may well provide an earth that was never there - fig 8 mains leads dont carry an earth. Good thing / Bad thing ??? Well if you have the time then go for it and report back.

I dont know your system, often small mods make largest improvements over mid/low end kit. High end kit is usually already many steps ahead and these idea are often already in place.



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It's not all about earthing - those mains sockets have no switches and the copper parts are silver plated

Mad Mr H

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It's not all about earthing - those mains sockets have no switches and the copper parts are silver plated

Well spotted.

But the original post we kind of have to guess a little as to exactly what the OP is trying to ask.

No switch is good - less frictional contacts
Silver better conduction than copper

Even if you dont use the earth point its a good step in a positive direction.

I think a kit list would be a good starting point as well.

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