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Hey all,

I've been looking into creating SEO friendly URLs.

It's an Apache/Coldfusion website, I have found you can use Apache's mod_rewrite to rewrite urls from say

into this.

But what methods do I have to rewrite the URL into

Can this be done at Apache level, it would need to know how to get the title, is this possible?

Or will I have to do it at Coldfusion level?


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I'm guessing that the products are coming from a database.
If not you **could** do it at Apache level, but you'd have to set up the rewriter for every product :thumbsdow

So you're be better off using a combination of both...


Then use Coldfusion to select the product from the database that matches the title supplied by the "product" element in the url.
Or... look at the url of *this* page for example ... it combines the threadid with the thread title.

So in your example it would become...

You could then use the apache rewrite with a regex to select the first numbers to use as the product id.
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The links aren't all dynamic, so I can't populate existing links with the "product title", unless I pass it through a page to add it...

but then if i'm passing it through a page to add it - then that page could just create the friendly URL.

Though I'm not sure on the best way of doing that currently.


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Ok I haven't found a definitive guide yet..but here's the logic I think I need to follow, correct me if i'm wrong


redirects to


Which goes to a 404 error handler, which then 'includes' the original page.

This way you get to keep your special URL in the address bar right..


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I think I can wrap this up now, I'm going to consider writing these files so they actually exist in the new directory structure.

If anyone then enters on id= it will redirect to the 'static' page, which just includes the dynamic page.

As long as the technical services team don't see any performance issues with this :) then it's probably a go.

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