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read alot about how what you feed these screens is very important.
does this mean if i attach it to my tosh 330 and watch my father ted dvd its going to look ****** , or do i have to lash out a grand on a new dvd and only watch superbit transfers ????

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Using an SD or HD Panasonic display you generally get out what you put in - as you do with a decent set of speakers!

You dont 'have' to upgrade your Toshiba DVD player - it will produce very watchable images on either of the Panasonic screens but given a better player the display will produce better results.

You also have to prioritise your budget - is DVD a big part of your viewing or is Terrestrial or more likely Digital TV your primary source; if yes then consider an external video processor from DVDO (IScan UltraHD) or Lumagen as a more sensible upgrade as they will benefit all of your video sources; and you can still revisit the DVD player at a later date if you like.

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thanks for the tip:)

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