Sennheiser True Momentum Wireless In-Ear Issue


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Hi, just over a month ago (November 2018) I purchased the new True Momentum Wireless in-ear headphones directly from Sennheiser.

Although very expensive for in-ear headphones I have not been disappointed, except for one issue. Randomly, the right headphone touch control stops working. Both headphones have touch control and when you tap them a blip is omitted and then the touch command is executed. The left ear piece touch control is used for starting and stopping playback as well as skipping tracks. It is also used to lower the volume. The touch control on the right ear piece is used to accept/end calls, initiate a google session (on an Android phone) and to increase the volume.

Since purchasing them, on 4 different occasions, the right ear piece has stopped responding to touch controls. The blip sound is not omitted, so it's as though the ear piece doesn't know it has been tapped. The issue can be resolved by performing a restart, which involves placing them in their charging case while it is connected to the mains and pressing both touch controls for 6 seconds. However, this isn't particularly convenient when out and a about and the right ear piece touch control stops working.

I have been in contact with Sennheiser who say this should not happen (no surprise there) and are offering me a replacement set. However, I'm not convinced this is a hardware issue, given that a "power off/on" fixes the issue. This suggests to me that it is a software (firmware) problem, so a replacement pair will be exactly the same. Sennheiser aren't admitting they are aware of any "bugs" like this, but then they wouldn't would they!

I just wondered if anyone else with these headphones had encountered this issue. If not I will start the returns/exchange process.



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Dont know for sure but it could equally be a problem with the Android phone, going asleep


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Hi dannielll, I don't believe this is the issue as I would expect this to affect both ear pieces, but it is only the right ear piece that has ever stopped working and it has only done this 4 times in the month I have been using it.


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Hi milleniumaire,
I bought mine for Christmas, and have the same issue, with same fix (power on/off). Sound works fine on both pieces, left ear piece works normally, just the right one refuses to register touches.
The difference is that I use them with an iPhone 7 (iOS 12.1).
I have not contacted Sennheiser, but I will go where I bought them and have them changed.


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Just come across this thread I started at the beginning of the year and thought I would update it.

I returned my original pair of Sennheiser True Momentum headphones and received a replacement. The issue has never occurred again, so it does look like there was a hardware fault with the original pair.

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