Sennheiser RS130 connection question.


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Hi all,

After reading nearly every 'Which Heaphones Should I Buy' post, I've just ordered a pair of RS130's from Amazon, so thanks for your help so far.

However, I do have a couple of questions that I was hoping somebody might help me with?

I have done alot of reaserch regarding this headphones, and I have been left a bit puzzled about how you can connect them. I knw they are supplied with a 3.5mm headphone jack but according to sennheiser's website:

Wireless headphones can additionally be connected to RCA phono sockets. In some countries, such as the USA, TVs don't have headphone jacks. Therefore some Sennheiser RF wireless headphones come with an additional RCA adapter. Please check the product information. You can also get the adapter as an accessory.


OK, so to my questions:

1. Can somebody confirm if the adapter is included in the box ?

2. Is the 3.5mm headphone jack hard wired into the base unit, or could this be replaced so you don't need an adapter.

3. Has anyone actually successfully connected them this way.

4. Is this the adapter I need:, if so can it be got in the uk (can't find it anywhere).

5. Has anyone tried to get a cable direct from sennheiser ?

6. Am I right in thinking wireless heaphones don't need headphone amps ?




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Not many RS130 users around, so I better answer my own questions incase anyone else needs the help:

1. There is no adapter in the box.

2. Yes it is hardwired.

3. Yes me !!! I mocked up a cable the same as the ebay one and it works perfectly plugged into the back of my V+ box. The volume is perfect and can be controlled on the headset. No interference or buzzing at all and the unit is sitting next to my wireless network, wireless video baby monitor, and cordless phone. I will be connecting it to the back of my plasma as soon as the cable arrives.

4. Yes it is, I ordered 2.

5. I couldn't be bothered.

6. Yes, you don't need an amp.

All in all, these seem great, not sure about how comfy they are yet as I've only had them for a couple of hours. But I can say, if you don't have a headphone socket on your equipment these are ideal.

Hope this info helps anyone.



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Hello de_deej

if I had read this before, I could have helped, since I bought those for my mother. Pity, but I imagine you are very happy with them :thumbsup:

Just for completeness, it is not that "you do not need a headphone amp", but rather that a headphone amp is useless. I cannot think of a use for it in a wireless system, unless the source volume is extremely low, which is rather unlikely.


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