Sennheiser RS 180 background hum


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Today I got the Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones that I had heard great things about. First they are absolutely fantastic sound quality wise but I have one small problem that I am not sure if its a fault or just inherent to this headset.

If I am listening to something extremely quiet, or say spoken word where there will be gaps of silence, I can hear a small electrical humming sound. The thing is is that it goes away after a second of no audio output from my source.

I have encountered it both with my Onkyo 875 amp and using my galaxy s2 phone as a source.

Has anyone come across this?


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I get the same effect when listening to low quality sources - like iplayer on my Blaupunkt wireless headphones. THey also mute when no signal is present, so you get the cut off in the gaps. Try plugging in to a higher quality source like a CD player of Blu-ray and see if the fault persists. I found that in this case, there was no noise, so I think it is just the noise on the source plus the electrical interference phones etc. chuck out on their audio.

My headphones can also plug in via USB and this shows the same results from iplayer, so I think it is the source, not the headphones.
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