Sennheiser RS-180 and Arcam rWand


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I recently bought the Sennheiser RS-180. I wanted them to pair with my iPod and so also bought the Arcam rWand, which I was advised would do the job.

However, I can't seem to manage this despite following instructions and wondered if anybody here has any ideas! Does the rWand even pair with non-Arcam products?

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Yes the rWand should pair with any Kleer device. We find that the best way is to physically have something playing on your ipod. Press the Pair button on the RS180 headphones then put the rWand into your iPod. You must immediately press and hold the button on the rWand and keep the button held down until the orange light flashes quickly. Release the button and you should after a few seconds get the music through the headphones.


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