Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Simon Howarth

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Hi All

I’ve just purchased the True Wireless 2 in ear (buds) headphones and whilst fabulously detailed and exactly what I want to hear they have a volum limit that is much to low to engage in the “Momentum” of the music (no pun intended) my source components are all BT 5 and support all higher level codec but the upper volume is just too low to the point that I disappointed with my purchase, when listening The detail and imagery are awesome but they are just not loud enough to bring you to roll with the tempo, all my digital music files are high quality uncompressed and I’m happy with sound quality, I feel that this upper volume limit is firmware set or possibly a sub setting somewhere but I have to remove any limit if I am to get what I paid for....any help on this greatly appreciated !!

Simon Howarth

Novice Member
Thanks for the feed back Steven however I have my Sennheiser TW2 connected directly to my hi fi with a BT5 transmitter, volume on the pre amp section @ max and TW2 volume at max, I have iPhone X and volume issue across the board I’m sure the ear buds have a set limit but for $400 I’d expect to have the ability to set my own limit ???

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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2
Not a lot to go in here. 'If' you see using an Android device then try this

How To Increase Bluetooth Headset Volume For Your Phone
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