Question Sennheiser HD599, do I need a headphone amp?


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Evening all,

Picked up a set of these from the Sennheiser outlet store.

Although I've read they don't desperately need it, I'm curious as to whether they'd benefit from a headphone amp? Been using them with the headphone output on my Yamaha receiver and it seems to do a pretty good job. Though I can't move it around the house!

I'm not thinking anything exotic (read: expensive) if so, maybe one of the valve or solid state amps on Amazon for about £50? Like this:

Appreciate any comments!


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I suspect it will add pleasing colouration and push come to shove just return for a refund within the 14 days cooling off period. You're gonna spend more than £40 on a Dac / headphones amp upgrade. Even at the budget end it would be closer to £100. Drawing a line at adding a £40 amp that is refundable is as sensible experiment as you will get


Good amps can make a difference, they are often than not better performers than the headphone jack and circuits on a receiver. They can start at around £100 and like everything in HiFi can go stratospheric. A lot will depend on how you want to integrate a headphone amp into your main system. To connect to your receiver you would have to use Zone 2 analogue if your receiver doesn't have a tape loop, which I suspect would be the case. For £40 it's worth trying.


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Appreciate the replies folks!

Decided to go for the Amp I've linked. As per comments it's a fairly small investment so no harm in trying. Based on a couple of nights listening the added warmth to the sound would be welcome too.


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