Sennheiser HD595s. Reviews?


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I'm looking for reviews of Sennheiser HD595's.

These will be used for Gaming/Movies/Music. So any input any forum members could give or any sites you could link me would be awsome.



Awesome cans 99 quid from richer sounds, excellent SQ and clear, very comfy and good for movies/games/music id say the bass is a tad weak nothing major though but if your into bass these arent the cans for u.

Also remember these are open cans which means the cans leak all the everyone can hear what u do around u.


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yep no complaints here either....for a hundred notes i dont think you'll be dissapointed...great with music and films,comfy to wear but as mention they do leak a fair bit...if this is'nt a problem i'd say snap a pair up.
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