Sennheiser HD 595 advice


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Hi all,

Just bought a set of Sennheiser HD 595s for what seems like a good price (the £69ish deal on Amazon), and was wondering :

I've got an SB Live 5.1 card in this PC. Would I get any real improvement in sound quality by upgrading to another card within reason? (I don't play games on it, so don't care about 'environmental audio' for example). I just want a really clear output through the headphone out, but if that means spending £100 for a barely distinguishable difference I won't bother.

Also, I have no idea which 'version' will arrive. They are listed as '150ohm', I've been told theres a 50ohm and 120ohm version. Would I require a headphone amp for both versions if used with say my Archos or iPod, or would I only need one if I got the 120ohm version?

Last, but probably not least, if I do need a headphone amp, considering I spent £69 on the 'phones, I don't want to spend the same again on an Amp. I've seen some Behringer Amps for about £15, HA400 models. Would they be any good or would they ruin sound from what's a fairly nice set of cans?

Cheers all :)


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I would recommend you try the Behringer Ultramatch SRC24. You will be able to feed it a digital signal, which it will upsample, and it has a good quality DAC on board, which will likely sound better than your soundcard. Not only that, but it has a headphone socket too, which will likely provide ample power to your headphones.

Best thing is, they are £99 as they dont come with the markup that you would get in a hifi shop. If you have any Pro Audio stores near where you live, and they stock it, i am sure they would be more than happy to let you try it.

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