Sennheiser HD 477

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    Looking at purchasing these headphones, i have the PC150 headset currently and the mic broke so im not using it and a desktop mic is much better anyway, the sound on these headphones sounds pretty crap to me, the bass is too heavy and long, its as if it is muffled, i had a set of plantronics audio 90s before these well about 6 sets in a year all broke so i moved away from them but i loved the sound of them, i hear sennheiser are one of the best headphones manufactorues so im looking at these headphones and they seem to be in my price range, about £30-£40. I had a quick google and couldnt find many reviews on these, so im wondering if anyone here has used these or could suggest a better set of headphones or what these ones are like. My needs would be for watching tv and films in the evening and also listening to music, im gonna plug them through my amp which is connected to all my audio devices so it is much easier to use on multiple devices.

    Thanks for any help.

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