Senn HD555 for PS3

Ramesh M

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Will the Senn HD555 plugged to headphone out of TV sound good for PS3 gaming?

Don't have the dough to splurge on an amp right now, so am confused if I should go for the Senn HD555 connected to TV out, or gaming headsets like the Turtle Beaches or Trittons (where sound output would be from the PS3 itself).

Thanks in advance


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Personally don't rate the 555, Senn put out a lot of average stuff.

But. SQ is always limited by the weakest link. With your usage that's going to be the TV + PS3. Both are pretty average sources and the phones can only work with what they're given. Amps don't make everything better. They just amplify - good or bad.

Ramesh M

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Thanks mate.

Any suggestion from your side? I have been researching a lot on the Senn 518 and 558 too, but with your comment am even more confused. My main concerns are:

(1) No chance of getting an amp right now, so that leaves me with headphone out from TV as the only option
(2) Will the sound quality be good enough with the above option? I am not too much of a multiplayer freak, just the occasional Uncharted or Assassins Creed. So my main use will be for the campaigns, plus some music and movies on my laptop.
(3) Which headphone would you suggest keeping in mind the above?:lease:

Again, thanks for the response.


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Get the 558's - I have been the same researching researching listening etc. and the 558's were best for the money.

They can be found for £111 at Amazon and HMV.

Dont know where all this average sounding talk comes from really. Reviews are spot on from what I experienced with them. They were the most comfortable sett I have tried and they delivered a balanced sound stage. Bass and Treble weren't overpowering - instead accurate. They could deal with a wide range of music bringing out the best in each. I listened along side a set of Bose, Denon and Beats and the 558 came out top.


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I offered my opinion, you yours. I have heard plenty of Senns and other makes, and Senn have a lot more average products than most - simply because they saturate every price range at the affordable end.

Bose are awful value for money, Beats even worse, and overly bassy too, so the competition wasn't stiff for you. As for 'balanced' soundstage, that doesn't really make sense. Soundstaging provides a feeling of spatial awareness of sounds - it's either narrow or wide, closed in or spacious. Also, his sources for playing on a really basic, so he may not get the sort of audio quality you're getting.

My suggestion, based on using a TV would be a budget product, something like;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=500345

If you want to go better, with an eye on using with better sources later, The HD25 IMO, are Sennheisers stand out headphone, and the SP is a slightly simpler version.;-1;-1;-1;-1&sku=177322
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