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I’ve just bought an X Box S. Many years ago, I enjoyed playing PC games like Indiana Jones and the Monkey Island series. So I’m now trying to find similar games for my X Box. I‘m not interested and am probably too slow to enjoy shooting anyone or anything and would rather have detective or strategy type games.
Any suggest gratefully receive.

Indiana Jones

Check out Thimbleweed Park.

Ian Collen

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I'll second that Thimbleweed Park suggestion!
A couple of others that jump straight to mind that you might want to look at are primarily Disco Elysium and also maybe This is the Police that fit into both categories.
Also, the Monkey Island games are still around if wanted to relive those (and there's a new Indiana Jones game on the way, though it's some way off!).
For some similar point-and-click storytelling, the Life is Strange series is good, as are most things by Telltale Games (The Wolf Among Us being another good-sounding fit for your tastes). Recently I really enjoyed Unpacking as an all-too-brief distraction, while Gone Home is a slightly older game that tells a good slow-burning story.
Also off the top of my head, there's an old Xbox One game called Murdered: Soul Suspect that has you playing as a dead detective investigating his own death (in a non-shooty environment) that could be worth looking into. Or at least I seem to have enjoyed it more than most anyway... :)


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Not similar games... but Stellaris is great on console, really good implementation, it's a 4X game but the lore/depth of everything is pretty good if you're wanting a fairly chill (losing) experience

I'm not generally into 4X games but loved how this played out... think it might be on gamepass too if you wanted a nosey at it without too much of a financial hit

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