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    Has anyone had any problems with recently?

    I ordered some laptop bags from them a couple of months ago at a good price because I had some credit owing to me. They cancelled one, but now they've taken a completely arbitrary amount of money from my account BEFORE the item was sent out. The bag was priced at £15.89 - they took £14.52.
    I checked the price online in case it had changed, but it was still £15.89.

    They also didn't use the credit and took the "full" amount.

    When I queried the charge as I had not received an email from them, they then sent me an email saying the bag was sent.

    However, they didn't explain how they managed to arrive at the price of £14.52.
    It wasn't a Pre-Order, so they couldn't say that "the cheapest price applies".

    I queried again, they sent an email stating that as an item on the order was cancelled, credit couldn't be used! And they still didn't explain why they only charged £14.52.

    I'm starting to think something dodgy is going on - what with the "forgetting" to apply any credit, taking monies before items are sent and most damning of all, charging random amounts.:thumbsdow

    So anyone else had any problems of this kind?

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