- has anyone used them?


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ordered King Kong on HD DVD approx 2 weeks ago, got e-mail to say it had shipped last saturday (14th April) and I have not received it yet.

have e-mailed them with no response as yet?


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I've used them and again they've always been very good. Communication isn't the great thou, I must admit.
Yes are fine, once went under the good old name blackstar! (I once worked for them :) ) normal orders sometimes for me next day. :smashin:

Strange fact about them, they are based in Belfast and unable to deliver electrical goods to Northen Ireland now thats funny!

For all Customer Care issues
E-mail our Care Team: [email protected]

They can also be contacted by telephone between Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
Tel: 0870 240 5279
Fax: 028 9043 0460

Maybe your postie has an nice collection of HD Films. :smashin:

Jim Morrison

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I've always found them to be quite good although they aren't the quickest. From my experience delivery usually takes 4-7 days from dispatch.


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thanks for the replies, i'll give delivery another couple of days then try to phone them if it's not arrived.


They're great on pre-orders (always get mine before the official release date) but struggle with older titles, and seem to have got a lot worse over the last 12 months. I've currently got several very recent titles which have been "Temporarily out of stock" for more than a couple of weeks now.

They are subject to the vagaries of the British postal service - delivery of "first class", if I can believe the despatch emails send out, vary from "next day" to "a week" with the latter being far more likely if several titles are packaged together :(

They are particularly bad with HD-DVD and Blu-Ray titles - I think this is just a "lack of demand" and "difficult supply" situation that most other retailers are also facing. They clearly don't keep much stock of these.

Communications used to be fantastic with an automated email system that told you how long it would be before they got back to you. These days there seems to be just one person dealing with the email and he's out on Mondays, but generally they're very good at getting back to you eventually. Over the last 10 years I've had a few issues with non-arrival or wanting to return a title (eg a "This Film is Not Yet Rated" which was widescreen format but presented letterboxed in a 4:3 format) and they've never quibbled and even given a freepost address for return.

I use them for all my UK pre-orders, despite feeling that they were so much better (bigger?) when they were blackstar.


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I have used them before and found them to be very good. Delivery time was similar to Play or other retailers and had no problems.

Trying to remember what it was i bought from them now though. :)

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