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Sending HD signal to 3 TV's?


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Hello, please excuse me if this post is in the wrong section, but I'm looking for some advice on sending HD signal from a Sky HD box to 2 TVs other than the main TV where the box is located.

I currently have a Sky+ box downstairs, which is linked with a magic eye to the second TV upstairs, there is a second Sky box for the third TV which I pay the £10 multi-room subscription for. I wish to upgrade to Sky HD soon, but with the HD pack costing an extra £10 per month, I'd prefer not to be paying for a multi-room subscription this time. I have done a bit of reading around but a lot of the advice means only receiving SD signal at the additional TV's, and in general just goes over my head. My thinking was that I could use an HDMI splitter from the Sky HD box to send HD signal via HDMI cable to the other TVs (possibly requiring a signal amplifier?) then by using 2 magic eyes, I would be able to change the channel from which ever TV I am viewing at the time. Is this a possibility or wishful thinking?

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:


Hi, you're fine here, but the answer has to be just that - it can't be done.


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I thought as much, but thanks for the advice.

Would it still be possible to send the Sky signal to both the other TVs in SD form?


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Yeh, it's easy to send a Sky HD signal ( or a Freesat HD ditto. ) via HDMI splitters to several HD TVs. The limiting factor is how far the other TVs are from the Sky box. Up to about 15M an HD signal will work just fine, over a reasonable quality HDMI cable. You may need a small in-line HDMI extender fitted at the far end to get the most reliable signal, if the run is more than about 15M, but it will work great. (It does for me, anyway...) The magic eye issue I can't comment on, as I don't use it.
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Here's my setup using these splitters


I've slightly changed the setup recently to watch the World Cup on the projector... I now go on one of the outputs of the splitter to the AVR which then outputs to another splitter for Plasma & Projector.

For control (magic eye) of other tv's just use the RF2 out, if using more than one tv off the RF out you'll need to use a Global tv splitter
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A global tv splitter seems to be the answer to using more than one magic eye. Which means running a coax cable along with the HDMI purely for control purpose. Shame there isnt an HDMI magic eye. Another solouion would be an IR extender i guess

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