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Selling xbox items on ebay, paying VAT?

markie g

Distinguished Member

I sell alot of stuff on ebay, mostly xbox stuff and other gaming equipment.

The question is i just received an alert from ebay saying i can become a powerseller. But ask's me for buisness information but im not a buisness.

But if i do this will i have to pay VAT at the end of the year?

I sell about £2,000 worth of stuff every 3 months, i dont make a great deal prob around £100. Just wondered how the powerseller works, as i see i can get 20% discount on final value fee's, but dont want a big VAT bill at the end of the year

Any help would be great, thanks!


Distinguished Member
AFAIK power-sellers are just people who sell alot and are deemed to be trust-worthy to buy from. Alot of the time they are businesses that use eBay to sell, but if your not a business you don't need to worry about VAT.


Established Member
Lifted from hmrc:
Who charges VAT and what VAT is charged on

You must register for VAT if your turnover for the previous 12 months is over a specific limit - currently £67,000 - or if you think your turnover may soon go over this limit. You may register voluntarily at any time. There are a few exemptions from registration.
VAT is charged by someone who is registered for VAT - a 'taxable person' - on:

  • goods and services sold or otherwise supplied (eg barter) in the UK
  • goods, and some services, imported from places outside the EU
  • goods and services coming into the UK from other EU countries
Basically this means if you sell items that are subject to VAT, and your turnover is over £67,000.00 per year you must register for VAT. If i'm correct, this applies to everyone who sells anything, even if your not officially a "business" (ebay sellers, car traders even car boot people).

More information at HM Revenue & Customs: VAT


Established Member
Your lucky!

VAT returns are a royal pain in the ass!

I'd have though you can have a powerseller account on ebay as a private tradesman. If not, Personally I'd enter some fictitious business name to gain the poerseller status. If you're not going to hit that VAT mark, I wouldn't worry about it.

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Don't worry you are well under the VAT limit as already mentioned.

VAT returns are a piece of cake, you just need accurate records and a decent accounts software program.

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