Selling second hand designer clothes

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Ok Ive been told this can be quite hard. Its time consuming and getting the photos to look well it difficult.

Ive people advertise that they will sell them for you on ebay for a fee. I emailed this girl but kept getting undelivered mail in my inbox.

Anybody know anyone that provides this service.

Ive got diesel, d&g, firetrap, fcuk, tons and tons of cool clothing.


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Stick um here as a job lot?
Couldnt be bothered to be honest. Clothes do not seem to sell here very well and it seems like a waste of time.

I have t-shirts, shirts, combats, jeans, jackets and shoes. They are all brand names. I pretty much only wear diesel and firetrap, they are my favourite makes.

If anyone is interested in a specific piece of clothing then I will upload the photos.

Was in liverpool 6 months ago and bought a beautiful firetrap jacket for £110. Worn once and been in the wardrobe ever since.
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