Selling old pc - price guidance - sell as parts or in one?

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by Astaroth, Aug 31, 2005.

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    Having my shiny new laptop and no room for my old server I have decided it it time for the old beast to go.

    I am really not sure (1) what a fair price will be for the item (2) if it is best to sell it as a single item or breaking it up. I hope that you experts out there can advise.

    The computers spec is:

    Fileserver case: (there are lots of threads about modding these cases though mine isnt changed other than the PSU)

    Tyan Tiger 133 Dual P3 (slot type) mobo

    2* P3 733eb slot type processors

    512 mb 133 dims or ram (2* 256)

    Soundblaster 32 Gold sound card

    Herculese Prophet Geforce II (32mb) g.card

    Netgear 10/100 ethernet card

    Unbranded usb 2.0 3 port card

    2* 3.5 HD (7400 spin 40gig each)

    Sony CD-WR drive

    15" CRT monitor

    No os or software

    Whilst it may have an old gaming g.card in it the system was very clearly aimed towards server useage rather than gaming and used to be used for IIS/ SQL and as a file server.

    Your guidance will be appreciated
  2. Joe Pineapples

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    I would get a cheap keyboard and mouse to go with it, and sell it as a full system. Tout it as a starter pc, or 2nd pc for the kids. And if you can use it for anything else, take out one of the 40gig drives - it will probably sell just as easily with one, in that corner of the market. I would also give it a fresh install of windows and a few other programs, just for demo purposes.

    Put it in your local freead paper.

    Wouldnt like to guess on a price, but be aware of what a full system from the likes of Dell, costs, and be realsitic.

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