Selling off my film SLR... better to split lenses, no?

Chef Borjan

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So, I have a Canon EOS 1000 Film SLR. I'd love to use it more, but sadly, money is tight before heading off to university, and developing film just is costing too much nowadays...

ANYWAY. I was thinking of selling the camera. It has two lenses with it, a Canon Zoom EF 80-200mm and a Canon Zoom Lens EF 35-80mm.

Would I get more bang for my buck if I decided to split this up? Correct me if I'm wrong, but these lenses can be still used with the DSLR's out now? Hence, I'm thinking I should part this lot up...


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Hi, I have just bought a film slr today. Thanks to everyone who mentioned in the thread by the way.

You have the choice of selling all the lenses individually, and the body individually, or it all together. For me personally I view a complete package as being more appealing.

I would suggest what sort of prices, things are going for on ebay, and then decide how you want to sell them.


The manual/AF SLR lenses usuallly sell for more than the body (which you might want to donate to OXFAM or hit with a baseball bat). The glass will be sought after.

Just the way it is! Try AdTrader for the body. It's free.

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