Selling My PC



Im look at selling a PC i have, the specs are

Athlon 2000 (1.66ghz), 256mb RAM, CDRW, CDROM, Floppy, On board Sounds Graphics and LAN, 56k Modem,

There is no hard drive,

DO you think i should sell it seperately or as a whole pc, Is it worth getting a 30 gig hard drive and putting it on ebay as a full system, The motherboard is pretty crap, So which way would i get most money?



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I think you would be pushing £70.00 tops.

Might be best to sell each item if you are looking to get more money.
I don't think getting another hard drive will help the sales pitch.

What do you guys reckon?


Individualy then,

Say £50 for the MOBO and chip
£25 for the 256 RAM
£20 for the CDRW
£10 for CD ROM
£5 for floppy

Maybe £100, Shame it cost an awful lot more


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Be careful, because you cany buy all thoose parts listed for the same price new

At a guess, you need to look at the new price and drop the price by half depending on the age.

Damn PC's are so cheap now, there's no value in the 2nd hand market.

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