Selling a DIY sub on the classifieds?

Tyler Durden

Distinguished Member
I am considering selling my tube sub - Yet Another Sealed 15" Tube Sub! | AVForums in order to make room for a new project.

I would advertise it on the classifieds but I'm not sure where I stand on profiteering etc....

Any ideas what I can price it at without incurring the wrath of the moderators?

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
I'm not a classified mod, so this is just my personal opinion, but as it is bespoke and hand made, you can charge what you like surely? Whether someone will pay what you ask is another matter entirely.

Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
I wouldn't have the first clue on subs. Not my field.

I'd give you £5 for it. That ok? :)


Distinguished Member
Surely as long as you cover the cost of what you paid that's great.

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