Sell REL Storm 5 to pay for Monolith?


Hi guys. I've got an REL Storm 5, Had it a few years now. It's in perfect condition physically, however the microswitch for the knob on the front is a bit iffy. Sometimes needs to be wiggled to work correctly.

Anyway, I was wondering firstly, if a Storm 5 would sell for more than £500 second hand, and secondly, if it was worth selling the Storm in order to buy a Monolith.

The room it's all currently in, is a 9'x9' bedroom, in an L shape. Carpeted wooden floor, but the sub sits on a large paving slab.

Any opinions appreciated :)

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I general terms, a Monolith will stomp all over a Storm V in every single respect. So will an XLS-200 for £100 less. However, in such a small room, you will be getting such stratospheric levels of room gain, it's bottom end and headroom shortcomings, will be a lot less obvious.

It's greatest weakness given your system, believe it or not, will be it's lack of upper bass response. Even if you set the crossover to maximum, the Storm V has a upper bass response -3dB point of about 60Hz, which is way short of what is required to match up to a DD/DTS crossover - The sub's roll-off will compound with the receivers crossover and it won't work well. A subwoofer capable of a flat response into the 120-150Hz region is required and will deliver a lot more kick - Any of the BKs will do that.

I'd also, assuming you haven't, look at EQ devices. I'm willing to bet, given your room's 9x9x8ft dimensions, that you're getting a lot going on in the 55-65Hz region, which will potentially mask the bottom end of any sub to a large degree. I'd take an XLS-200 with a BFD or Antimode (see BKs website) over an XXLS-400, or Monolith, any day of the week in a room your size.

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