Sell Pioneer Lx-5090 ?

mickie mackie

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Good afternoon all, i'd just like to ask a quick question. Do you thinks its worth me selling my pioneer lx-5090 plasma tv for one of these new all singing and dancing 3d tv's ?


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What a question, so now people need to ask you what you want from a tv and how much money you have to spend.


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depends how much you'd get for it.

I have a 5090 and really don't want to risk selling it as it seams every other TV has some picture or processing quirk that would be hard to live with. The 5090 just seams unusually free from issues for a TV.
Plus, there still isn't much out there to compete with it in absolute picture quality terms... especially if watching films in a darkened room is any kind of priority.

I'm sometimes tempted to think about switching for a high end samsung LCD (partly because I quite fancy being able to use it as a living room computer monitor occasionally, and pause things without getting a bit 'twitchy' lol), but ultimately you'd probably end up with something that doesn't look as good.

I'd say keep it, but then who knows what I may do myself.... something shiny and new is always tempting.:laugh:


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The flagship Panasonic plasmas seem to do very well, especially for HD, but they are not without their issues

There are a plethora of reviews in the review section, not too mention pages of owner threads in the plasma forum :)


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Interesting thread. :)
I too have the 5090 which is nearly 4 years old now.
Wonder what it's worth today?
I don't wanna sell it though, it still amazes me when I put a film on.
To think it was the benchmark of TV's for quite some time.:smashin:


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To know what it's worth (to someone who wants to buy it) have a look through the classifieds. At a guess, they are still going for £1000? It still is the benchmark in reality (unless you want 3D)

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