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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by miff13, Dec 26, 2006.

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    I installed the HD Box myself and it was a doddle, swapping over the new box for the old Sky+ box was no problem at all . I did encounter a muppet at Sky the first time I called who told me that as I had carried out a callback on the box this would automatically upgrade my account and I needn't do anything else.

    Didn't seem right to me so I called back and spoke to a very helpful scottish lady who kept me on hold for 15 mins and just as I was about to give up came back and told me that my account had still been showing as having Sky+ only but she had had that altered, got me to do another callback and waited on the line whilst I carried out the proceedure again, then checked account again an announced everything was ok and hey presto HD channels, :clap: . Sky even called me later to check that everything was working ok!

    For those of you who moan about Sky I can only say I found them really helpful, wish I'd taken the name of the lady who helped so I could email sky and sing her praises.

    Thanks to those of you who helped me, I appreciate your help.

    Only problem is now I've read lots of other links I've got loads of ideas for ther things to do to upgrade my system, hard disk upgrade next!

    Cheers :thumbsup:

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