self install sky +



i am thinking of buying a sky + box and installing it myself
has anybody else done this. what are the pitfalls to look out for.
i have installed a few analogue systems and have a existing digibox
also are there any makes of box to avoid, or better still which make is the best


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Did it for a friend / customer because I also thought it would be a doddle. Sky+ needs a Quad LNB on the dish and 2 cables from the LNB to the receiver, so just one extra cable into the new Sky+ box. Customer's house happened to have 5 foot thick walls (believe me it was true!) - never again! And they wanted Sky in 2 more rooms, so 2 more holes in the very thick wall - I am now the proud owner of the ultimate hammer drill / extra long drill bit!

When you replace the existing LNB you may need to realign the dish - much more difficult than in the analogue days - for a very clever cheap meter that makes it all relatively simple.


It's a peice of cake. As Piers said you will need your existing LNB replaced for either a twin LNB or a quad LNB, depends if you intend keeping your existing box or not? There will be very little re-aligning of your dish required and of course that extra run of cable. The current and best box to have would be the pace. Also if you want as peirs suggested a satellite meter then a better choice would be to get a full kit from ebay for a cheaper price than the site he suggests. I have just done a search on ebay and you can buy a full kit, meter, compass, battery pack, an extension cable and software on cd for 15.99 + p&p

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