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Self-install second Sky+ box?


Standard Member
Hi all,

Hoping someone can help - I wondered if it's possible to add a second Sky+ box to my existing single Sky+ box setup? (I've looked through the forum, but can't see any definitive answers).

The dish and Sky+ were installed in November 2009, so I guess I should have a dish that can cope with a second feed?

Couple of questions:

Is it just a matter of buying a box and installation kit from eBay and fitting it, or do I need special tools?

What do I need to be aware of? Any special issues that might crop up?

Really hope someone can help...

Thanks in advance


Hi - I'm surprised if this hasn't come up before, but as it hasn't here are a few ideas on it.
As you're talking about Sky+ receivers, you already have two "feeds" from the dish, and would need two more if you want to use the Sky+ functionality which will require a multiroom subscription.
Without that subscription a third "feed" is all that you need, and of course you could use a standard Sky receiver.
There should be two available connections from the dish's LNB and fixing the cable or cables to the LNB is a relatively simple procedure.
The requirements are f-connectors, sealant, cable, and cable clips.
HTH - Logi


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Also to use the Multiroom facility in addition to the second card with subscription you MUST have both boxes connected to the telephone.
This is because they regularly check that the boxes are on the same number - just in case you were to get a multiroom card and subscription and lend it to your friend at another address.


"What a difference a <word> makes" :D


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Martin, You are correct to pull me up on that.
We must all learn to be precise, whilst you and I and some others can work with shorthand, others who are not technical but want to do a bit of self installing really need it spelling out correctly.

The question is will I learn from this second error of using shorthand and colloquialisms, I guess our illustrious moderator is still laughing at the last one!!!


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I'm answering enquiries all day long so I've had plenty of practice during the last fifteen years! However, my short-term memory is definitely going.


You're right, I am :D:D
and thanks for the adjective *glows brightly*

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