Seleco SVT-150



I live in a pub that has the above projector and it needs a new green lamp. It really could do with being completely replaced but the brewery have deicded to just get a new lamp for it...tight gits.

Anyways I have looked on the internet but cant seem to find one for this model, can anyone help.

Thanks in advance.

Barcoing Mad

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Welcome to the forum.

Green tube anyone? (Best not to call them lamps around here, else you'll find balding geeky people camping out on your forecourt).


Didn’t SVT-150’s have Toshiba tubes? With a smaller than average neck diameter if I remember correctly. There was one on the bay a while ago for next to nothing. They (again from memory) were analogue convergence video only machines so virtually anything should be a replacement if you can find one. That would probably be easier than trying to find a green tube.
And at the risk of heresy, if the unit is in a pub (they were not the brightest of beasts) wouldn’t a digital be a better option? It would be brighter and I doubt your pub is light tight so ultimate contrast would presumably not be an issue.

Roland @ B4

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I sometime live in a pub too.
Don't always take a projector with me.

Swapping the Green CRT tube "Lamp" is fairly specialist stuff not just a plug and play thing. Normally the guys who install them don't evn do that sort of thing.

Not one I can help with either.

Mad Mr H

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My concern would be that "someone" may have seen the green tube (one in the middle) not lit, and so assumed that is just needs a green tube. From installing these for years in pubs you get to know that "everyone" knows how to do everything in the world better than the guy who's job it is! - Beer talk :smashin: .

If the green is out it could well be more than "just a tube"

A new tube if available woulf be about £500 + fitting.

To be honest the Seleco SVT150 will be about 15 years old and I would consider it no via able to repair for pub use.

There is a Seleco 400 for sale in the for sale section which would suit your needs much better,

AND is a machine with TWICE the resolution of your current machine.

The Seleco 400 is video based only so NO AUDIO so any audio will need to be throught your background music system and NOT via the projector.

IF you are considering replacement then things to note that a digital PJ could be as cheap as £1250.00 fitted BUT that it will require new £300-450 lamps every 4 months if used 10 hours a day and a NEW PJ about every 18-24 months - Thats the life of cheap digitals in a pub. The lamp may last a year in a low use pub, AIR FILTERS also need to be changed.

On the other hand your current older "CRT" style projector has I would guess given you many years of use with minimum repair costs.

My advice is stick with a CRT for pub use, unless a designer does not like the "big box on ceiling".............

A new digital will give a brighter picture.

If you are in a pub chain then they usually have "prefered" supply companies.

I hope the above is of help to you, ask anything else you require here, and WELCOME :thumbsup: to the CRT forum.........

Chris Frost

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I've got a good green tube for a Seleco 150.

As MadMrH has suggested, it would be worth checking if the tube itself is dead or whether the problem is in the electronics driving that tube.

Can supply or supply & fit if required. To follow forum rules we'd need to make a For Sale thread and conclude business there.


Mad Mr H

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Chris is your guy in the UK,

Chris + Seleco = Everything you need to know............

Chris has a tube for your PJ then that seems the best chance you will get at repair.

I hope your next post/thread is about your new working unit..........

Roland @ B4

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Hey, If I lived in a pub, I wouldn't keep coming here.

Watching cricket,football or rugby on a projector with no green tube now that would drive you to drink.

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