Seleco SVP 400 HT set up questions

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Just purchased CRT and want to install with 16:9 screen however all info for setup relates to 4:3.
Can anyone help me with distance of ceiling bracket to screen and centre line distance of screen to ceiling.
I expect to install a 7foot (wide) screen.
Maybe there is a formula for working out the dimensions.
Even better, if anyone who has experience installing this model would like to offer help I would be grateful.

Chris Frost

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With a new 400 its easy. screen width x 1.42 = projection distance. So, measure your screen and do the math.

On a used projector you have to be a little more careful. When it was last installed the picture would have been set to fit the screen and throw distance. This means part of the tube area (phosphor) would be used, but the outer edges not. You will see this boundary between warn and virgin tube area as a difference in brightness.

The solution is to set-up the projector and check where this boundary is.

If you have a white wall and the space to do this follow these simple steps.

1 - set the projector metal side down on its box (or something else suitable). Set the distance at 1.5 x screen width and switch on to the white test pattern.

2 - reset the blanking and use the deflection setting to increase picture width and height to 90+. Now look for the brightness boundary.

3 - reduce picture width until the white test pattern shows no boundary difference.

4 - reduce the size setting a further 5 points, then measure across the width from half way up the picture height.

5 - move the projector closer or further from the wall until the projected image matched the width of your screen. Measure from wall to projector green lens. That is your throw distance.

Once you have your distance you can turn the projector over and measure from lens to the centre of the bracket.

Hanging a projector is pretty straight forward. You just need to make sure it is pointing dead straight at the horizontal centre of your screen. But setting up CRTs is not really a novice job. Most folk can get an image, but the settings usually end up being max'ed out which isn't good for reliability.

You should think about getting some professional help to get you started. Once you've seen that your projector sets up well you can start to play around with the convergence and get the hang of doing it yourself.

Just ask here if you need some names of people who can help.



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I think after reading you very helpful reply I should leave it to the pro's as you suggest.
This is my first CRT and I don't want to mess up.
I have seen the pj working and the tubes have been inspected with a bright halogen lamp for burn and all looked ok.
As far as I know the pj has been owned from new by one owner but it's present loxcation (ie where it was demonstrated) is it's second.
I would be grateful for names of reccomended people to obtain a price.
Being a CRT virgin how much should I expect to pay? Cash!!

Chris Frost

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Within this forum there are three people who offer convergence services

Gordon Fraser - Convergent AV. He does mainly Sony, Seleco, Barco and NEC.

Roland Brooks - B4. He concentrates on Barco

Then there's me. I specialise in Seleco.

Send a PM to to each above for an idea on pricing.

You can also search through your local Home Cinema dealers for companies that supply Seleco projectors.


Tim Cooper

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Told you Chris is da man:D
Welcome to the fellow dweebs bulletin board:D
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