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Seleco 350+ weird problems

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Boy Lex, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Boy Lex

    Boy Lex

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    So having just sorted most of my new flat out, I got a screen put up (which will be for my barco). I had my Seleco 350+ to hand which has been intermitently a bit dodgy and I thought I'd use it to look at the new screen.

    Was powering up ok and displaying picture fine, but I was hearing some eht arc somewhere and smelling some ionisation... After a bit of investigation I found that the green eht lead was a bit dodgy round the splitter end (probably from being plugged in/out a few times while I was defunging it [pics to follow btw]). I resoldered the lead and it stopped the arcing, but there are still problems.

    At the moment, I power it on, it runs fine for about five minutes, then the convergence seems to jump off, then some of the picture is blanked off until it powers itself off. Sometimes it will not start up at all - just giving me a red standby light at the back. Weirdest problem is that if I try to adjust the brightness using the remote, it will freeze up and the remote will no longer function?!

    So I'm looking for a fault component or dry joint that is somewhere near a heatsink or something so that it causes issues when it heats up. I think the eht arc may be a red herring because it started doing this before I removed the green tube for a defung.

    Any ideas?

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