sega saturn


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just dug my sega saturn out to play on got a few good ones on it

manx tt
sega rally
sonic jam

i did pay to have it chipped but never bought any import gams for it

did anyone else have any saturn faves?


I'm still playing:

alien trilogy
hang-on gp 96
daytona cce
skeleton warriors
panzer dragoon 1 + 2 (I lent pd saga + never got it back:mad: )
sega rally
even johnny bazookatone gets an airing now+then.

I have my saturn, dreamcast and gamecube in one room, and master system, megadrive, ST, ps1, n64 and (this) pc in here...

My wife totally hates it


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Virtua Fighter 2
Fighting Vipers
Panzer Dragoon 1&2
Sega Rally
Manx TT
Daytona USA

Some decent games indeed, however I must say I play my Megadrive and Dreamcast more.

In my "office" come games room I have a Dreamcast, Megadrive, Saturn, PS2 (all connected to a 29" Sony TV), a PC, Laptop and a JAMMA arcade cab which also runs Mame.

It's fair to say that I rarely get board :)


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The Saturn is probably my favourite console of all time. There are so many good games for the system.

Layer Section (Galactic Attack in the UK),
NiGHTS (probably the first widescreen game I ever owned),
Burning Rangers (nothing to do with Celtic fans dreams),
Thunderforce V (bosses names after rock gods),
Cotton 2,
Cotton Boomerang,
Radiant Silvergun (believe the hype),
Bubble Symphony,
Guardian Heroes,
Battle Garrega (awesome shooter),
Darius Gaiden (great soundtrack),
Metal Slug (nuff said),
Darius 2,
Dodonpachi (frantic combothon),
In The Hunt (Metal Slug in the sea),
Sengoku Blaede,
Panzer Dragoon series,
Strikers 1945 1&2,
Skull Fang,
Sonic Wings Special,
Exhumed (awesome FPS),
Duke Nukem,
Virtua Fighter 2,
Virtua Cop games,
Sega Rally,
Fighters Megamix,
Saturn Bomberman (10 player mode on a widescreen TV),
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo X,
Baku Baku Animal (great tetris clone),
Virtual ON: Cyber Troopers.


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It is a very good console indeed - there are also the arcade perfect Sega Ages games available for it including Outrun, Afterburner2, Space Harrier, Galaxy Force 2, Power Drift.

Sonic Jam js a great CD for the Saturn as well, containing all the classic MD games. I also like the SWWS games, which were IMO the best footie games about when they were released.


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"It's fair to say that I rarely get board"

id like to say me too but i have ps1 & ps2 dreamcast, gamecube
pc with neorage mame etc and i just cant get into one game i
have metroid and zelda which i havent touched yet mabey i have too many games for any serious interest in one

oh and i work a standard 60-70 hr week :thumbsdow

and dont find time for the missus:thumbsup:


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I must say I do get times where I just don't fancy playing anything as I look over all the games I have. So I end up coming on here to talk about them instead lol.

I tend to find that with the 'adventure' type games such as say Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil I start playing them, get so far and then never touch them again. When I was younger I used to play my Megadrive games until completion (often several times!), I just don't get that urge with games now and prefer say sports or racing games where you can just stick them on for a quick bash!


I know what you mean about playing games once then leaving them.

I bought up Dreamcast stock when the new consoles came out and the software prices plummeted, and I now have 87 DC games.

I can spend minutes looking for something to play and end up not even bothering, choosing instead to boot up Ebay and surf for bargains.

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