Seeking your advice.. Speakers for valve amp

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    Jan 29, 2009
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    Hi I just bought a set of audio devices from a friend of mine who is flying back to his country. Bought the followings:

    Power Amp, Mal Valve, stereo power amp 2 x 70 W asym. + symm. inputs
    specs here
    Pre Amp, Musical Fidelity X-PRE V3
    CD Player, Musical Fidelity X-RAY V3
    Turntable, Pro-Ject 6 + Goldring G1042

    Now I need speakers and some inter-connect cables.

    I am very new to audio so was reading threads on this forum in search for decent speakers that would work well with a valve amplifier. I did a lot of search on Internet about this Mal Valve amp, but very little information apart from their official site.

    Would really appreciate if you could give me suggestion on what speakers I should get to complete this system perhaps within the price rage of £250-300 for a pair. I have spent hours on ebay trying to find some vintage ones, but since I am just a beginner in the audio world, might be better just getting brand new from Richer Sounds somewhere..
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