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Seeking Help: Trouble with Menu on Loewe Calida 5684 Z


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I recently acquired a Loewe Calida 5684 Z television unit and I'm having a devil of a time trying to use it. I suppose I'm a somewhat unusual case in that I'm living in the U.S. and trying to make a European television work passably despite a number of connection incompatibilities.

As a for-instance, the unit is made to run on the 110 mains in North America, but has the standard SCART input connections in the back. I have yet to find a single American shop that even knows what a SCART cable is, let alone sells them.

Even so, I have tried to make do with a Panasonic DVD-S27 DVD player attached to the front panel S-video connector via a 1 m length of S-video cable.

Checking through the television menu reveals:

Software version V0.0
EPROM code 19.12.97
EAROM code V00750

So, my problem is two-fold:

1.) The menu system for the TV does not allow me to select input connections via "TV Set-Up" --> "AV Connections." Selecting and pressing OK on any of the subsequent menu items (Laser Disk, DVD Player, Startsight, Antenna, etc) has no effect whatsoever.

2.) The menu, itself, is surrounded by odd visual effects (quite like a section of chain-link fence behind the menu) that sometimes obscure the menu text.

Having read through the operations manual back to front, I have also spoken with the American Loewe Tech Support liaison (1-866-563-9387) who simply told me that I had to produce my original purchase receipt before he would even contact Loewe headquarters for a copy of the manual. I informed him that I already had an operations manual and would be happy to provide a PDF copy to him. I was re-instructed to fax in a copy of my sales receipt and told that there was no information on my model at hand and any further assistance would have to come after the fax. Consequently, my confidence in U.S. Tech Support for Loewe has died a horrible death.

Would anyone be kind enough to offer suggestions on how I might get the set up and running? If a firmware upgrade is necessary, where might I go to find the appropriate version and how, physically, might the upgrade be applied?

According to my operations manual, there is a single physical location to seek service for the unit and it is a very prohibitive 1900 km distant.

Frustrated and desperate,

-Perry Joshua
[email protected]

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