seeking help/advice on integrated amp to pair with Monitor Audio BR2 speakers

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I have a pair of Monitor Audio BR2's that i need a amp for. I've been looking at the Rotel RA-04SE, but research has pulled up a fair few people saying Monitor Audio speakers and Rotel are not a great match.

I was drawn to the Rotel by several good reviews i've read (and the fact it has a Phono stage is a big plus). Other amps in the same price range are the NAD C 316BEE and Cambridge Audio topaz AM10. Both of these amps have had less glowing reviews than the Rotel - but if that amp isn't going to work well with my speakers then I'm not exactly sure what to do (hence why i'm seeking advice)

which of these amps to you suggest i go for? is there anything else in my price range i should be looking at?

As for placement, this system will be in my study (at some point in time i'll also need to buy a DAC to connect my computer).


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Yamaha AS300, 60w/ch, Sub Out, Phono In, ~£200

Yamaha AS500, 85w/ch, Sub Out, Phono In, ~£240

Marantz PM6004, 45/ch, Phono In, ~£299

Though you haven't actually given us a Budget Range for the amp. You've implied it with reference to an amp that is no longer made. We need a direct statement of our working budget?

The Rotel RA-04SE, nice as it may be, does not have a remote control. You have to jump up to the RA-05SE, which is no longer made, to get the remote, and the price jump is substantial for just a remote.

There are new version of the Rotel amps out there now, the RA-11 and the RA-12, though the RA-12 is well over what I assume your budget is -

The RA-11 has a built in DAC with Optical/Coaxial inputs, Pre Out, and about 40w/ch, USB socket, and a Remote Control, and is priced at a substantial £499/

The RA-12 has 60w/ch, USB socket, built in DAC with Optical/Coaxial, Remote Control, Pre-Amp Outs, and is priced at a very substantial £599.

Though the older RA-05SE and the RA-06SE are no longer made, if you can find them, they should be on substantial discount.

The NAD C316BEE is a modest 40w/ch, though that should be fine. But no Phono inputs. That may not be a problem for you. And it only has accommodations for a single set of speakers, though, again, that's probably not a problem.

The NAD C325BEE is probably a better choice in an amp; £305, 50w/ch, NO Phono, etc...

In a similar vein, the Denon PMA-720 with 50w/ch, Phono, etc..., priced at £349.

Just a bit higher, the Marantz PM7004 with 70w/ch, Phono, etrc..., priced at £489.

That should give you something to think about.

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