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Seeking DVD-R to meet certain criteria

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Stoofa, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Stoofa

    Active Member

    Jun 6, 2005
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    Cambridge, UK
    We've currently got a "nothing special" setup at home.
    A 28" television.
    A sky Digital box.
    A Technika DVD-108 & Technika HTS-6010 Surround Sound system
    Old VCR

    Now the VCR is nearing the end of it's life - well I have had it a very long time.
    I think it's time to replace the VCR.
    Done some research, feel that DVD-Recorder is the way to go.
    So it would seem logical to replace both the Technika DVD-Player and the old VCR with a single unit - I don't see the point in having two DVD devices on the shelves when one should be able to do both playing and recording.

    However - the Technika HTS-6010 Surround system attaches to the Technika DVD-108 via what I believe is a "Coaxial Digital Audio Output" connection (as you can see I'm not very technical).
    Although this appears to be quite a standard connection type (not limited to Technika only) it doesn't appear to be a connection you can find on just any DVD-Recorder.
    So, the criteria I'd like to try and meet is:

    Not the ugliest piece of kit in the world (not major important)
    Ability to continue using my Technika HTS-6010 Surround sound (Dolby 5.1/DTS) via this Coaxial connection
    Support for both "+" and "-" formats, both playing and recording. DVD-RAM doesn't matter.
    Price £100 - £200

    I know there are reviews here but I do like personal recommendations a lot better.
    Also reviews and "spec sheets" are sometimes wrong - this coaxial digital audio output connection was listed on at least one model I looked at, but the photo of the back of the unit showed it didn't have one!
    I'm not that technical, so, if there was a converter cable that would run from this coaxial connection on the back of the Technika HTS-6010 to a different kind of connection on the back of a DVD-Recorder, information on this would also be greatly received.

    Thanks for taking the time to read a "newbie" post and in replying :)
  2. susanridge


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    Did you manage to resolve your problem of finding an adapter for the technika hts 6010 surround sound cable? I am alsotrying to find the same solution as the dvd player that the surround sound connects to does not show a picture of any sort on my tv. the scart lead is fine so I think I may need to purchase another dvd player but cannot find one with the same cable connection. Could you tell me how you managed to resolve your problem assuming that you managed to.
    I would be bery grateful for any advice as I don't know what else to try or where to purchas an adapter on dvd with the same cable fitting.
    many Thanks

    Susan Ridge:lease:
  3. Gavtech


    Oct 25, 2005
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