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For 4 years I have been the proud owner of a Sony DVP-CX850D, which is the 200 disk dvd multichanger.

Since my collection is now far in excess of this, and so i have had to run 2 players (one holding 200 disks, and the other single disk machine playing those which cannot be stored in the other). I am now fed up with having to run two players.

I am aware that Sony release their CX860 model which held 300 disks, but this would not be sufficient for more than a few months before my collection once again fills the player. I also seem to recall that Sony released a 400 disk monster which is more what I am after, except that my enquiries with Sony UK, as to whether this player will be release in Europe have not had a positive answer.

So I wondered if anyone out there knew of a *CURRENT* (region 2, at least! multi-region preferred) dvd multichanger model, which would hold more than 200 disks? (I am not only looking to buy Sony, btw)


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I had a similar problem about 18 months ago but managed to find a Kenwood Model J6050 which holds 403 discs. I still have my Sony 850 which I am going to keep to use when I have filled up the Kenwood (in about 20 DVD's time).

A friend of mine also needed a similar player and managed to find one but had to pay over £600 for it.

I still keep my eye open for them on ebay and the like but they are very rare.

I also asked Sony if they were going to bring their 400 disc player to the UK but got the same esponse as you.

If you need any further information let me know.

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I currently have 4 CX860's which hold 301 discs each and have never really been a problem. I enquired with Sony (friend who works there) and they currently have NO plans to bring either the 985 or 7777ES changers to the UK. One issue is that both these players have prog scan capabilities for R1 dvd's only, and PAL prog is something that Sony has yet to endorse.
I went and bought the 7777ES from the States and must admit it's an awsome machine. So if you have alot of R1 discs, my advice would be to import one. The SACD playback is fantastic, the PQ amazing and best of all, you can store an image of anything on the dvd next to the title name in the GUI, so no more stupid icons for disc type!!



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