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Seeking advice on HT vs Hi-Fi upgrade.....

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by scrubber, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. scrubber


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    Hi Folks, just found this place after digging around trying to understand what on earth to do to my cobbled together system....

    Seems to be a wealth of info on here any i'm pretty sure someone can offer some personal advice!

    I have a 'home theatre' system build around a Yamaha DSPA2 integrated amp, Sky+ box and a lower end Sony DVD/SACD player (speakers are Castle Harlechs for the main pair, Paradigm CC350 centre, Mission 77DS rears - complemented by a Yamaha YST-180 at the rear and a YST-300 at the front). It suits my needs from a movie standpoint (just) as we don't get to kick the dust up as much as I used to with two toddlers in the beds upstairs!

    But from a music standpoint it's not really up to its full potential. Hence the upgrade.
    After a little digging I have come up with a couple of options.

    1. AVI Laboratory Integrated amp and matching CD player. Then use the DSP-A2 as a 'processor' and to power the already mismatched centre and rears.
    2. Upgrade the whole thing with a Rotel-RSP1068 / RMB-1075 amp combo and an RCD-1072 disc spinner.

    The budget for these two seems similar, I guess option 2 is far superior for movies, but would it be any match for the AVI on music?
    Would dearly love some advice on these options or similars......
    Music 70% Movies 30%


  2. booktrunk


    Feb 6, 2004
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    Do you want just 5.1 or 6/7.1 if bigger than 5 then 1075 + stereo int/power amp and the 1068 stick cdp into the stereo amp it's an expensiveish way but then you get the benefits from both. Great Stereo and great AV

    Heck buy a Arcam AV8 :) and get a 1075 to power it and upgrade the 1075 or stick a seriously good stereo power amp on it later :)

    So many combinations, but you say you are more interested in Movies then Stereo... Maybe something like an AX5i or even AX3i from Pioneer with auto setup, and a good stereo amp via the pre-outs for the front two, would give you bloody good movies and well stereo is whatever you an afford for the front, and have the firewire for future use in case you want to use it for multi channel music..

    It really depends on how much you want to spend on each it's a balancing exercise :) can get a Marantz 5400 with pre outs and will do AV Fine and then spend more on the stereo side.


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